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Sculpturing of the involves careful anotomical study of facial bony contours. This is done by photographes in three positions front view, side profile and end on view i.e, patient looks up and the nose is focussed. Xray studies of the face, sometimes C.T. Scan and M.R.I are also helpful. The facial bones maintain a harmonised balance. If this balance is destroyed by abnormal protrusions or recessions in the facial skeletal framework then by craniofacial aesthetic surgery the skeletal corrections are undertaken to maintain the profile e.g augmenting nose and chin to maintain balance or bonegrafts of check bone for flatened face. Augmenting the forhead in case of flamed temples. The square jaw can be changed to rounded for better facial profile in women. A flattened nasal bridge can becorrected by rhinoplasty or a deformed jaw bone can be contoured. A twisted and crooked face can also be straightened by orthagnathic surgery and orthodontics. This process of correction is known an profileplasty.




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