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  Surgical > Mentoplasty (Chin)  

Mentoplasty is the surgery of the chin which along with the nose helps in contouring the facial profiles. 

Chin augmentation is to balance the face by altering a weak or obtrusive chin. Hence the relationship between the chin and the rest of the face should, in theory, achieve a sort of harmony. Depending on the patients’ needs, the change in their appearance can either be subtle or astonishing. Consultation with a doctor is necessary to find the specifics that will better suit your needs. 

The surgery usually takes about an hour to perform. This is actually one of the quicker cosmetic surgeries when compared to some of the others. Surgical incisions will be made in the necessary areas of the chin inside the mouth. A lot of surgeons use endoscopy during the surgery to be more precise during operation. This is one of the newer technological tools for plastic surgeons—it utilizes a camera to better see the patient’s tissues and muscles. Patients can expect minimal scarring, Augmentation can be done by bony osteotomy or silastic implants or hydroxyappetite a bone supplement.

After the surgery, patients are usually told to take it easy for several months as the tissues in their chin heal. Numbness and swelling are common as with any surgical procedure. Surgeons will provide a clear set of instructions for the patient to follow after the surgery.

The prominent points of the face like the nose and the chin relation should be in complete harmony with the face. Masculanity is  emphasised in a man by a prominent chin and jaw line. A beautiful face always has the perfect balance in the nose-chin profile. Very often in a small chin, mentoplasty can help in improving a beautiful face.

Reduction meutoplasty can also be undertaken for out jutting Jaw Line or a heavy protrudin chin. In this case the protrudin Chin bone is cut by asteotomy and may be slid behind to give a normal rounded curve.




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